CS&A International has announced the appointment of Linda V. Fancy as an associate in its Hong Kong team

Fancy will offer stress management and leadership resilience training and coaching to CS&A clients as an important part of the overall risk and crisis management preparedness.

CS&A is a specialist consulting firm in the field of risk, crisis and business continuity management servicing clients internationally.

Fancy is the founder of the MeManagement self-regulation system, and has extensive experience working as a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, crisis management specialist, mental freedom facilitator and personal coach. Her experience in soft skills development and long-standing collaboration with CS&A has given her valuable experience as a corporate trainer in crisis leadership, self-management, and stress support services.

She developed the MeManagement system while working with relief workers in a UNICEF and Ministry of Mental Health initiative in Sri Lanka following the Asian tsunami. Her job involved providing the workers with self-management tools and techniques to prevent personal identification and conditioning getting in the way of their professional consultation in such traumatic conditions.

MeManagement is a system of self-transcendence to regulate your focus of attention.  It provides self-awareness into conditioned responses, and self-management techniques to detach from negative thoughts and influences before they become an emotion. Linda facilitates MeManagement workshops throughout Asia and at her retreat centre in India.

Fancy also volunteers her time as a member of the Disaster Relief Fund Selection Team for the NGO Service Civil International in their efforts to provide disaster relief for natural disasters globally.

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