Awakening the Workplace with Personal Power – ELD Conference Keynote Address

“This was the first time I experienced meditation to look at myself – I found it enlightening.” David Langlands, Chief Training and Development Officer, AXA

Linda Fancy gave a keynote address titled Awakening the Workplace with Personal Power at the Experiential Learning & Development (ELD) Conference on 29 August, 2013.


Keynote Address – Awakening the Workplace with Personal Power

Science has shown that 95% of the time we are automated in our response, operating on the premise of imprints from the past and projections to the future. Self-sabotaging inner voices dilute our power, rob us of rational response-ability, and discourage us from standing in our truth.


Conscious organisations recognize their employees as a source to be tapped rather than a resource to be depleted. Cultivating the full human value in business means empowering employees with self-awareness so they can recognise how their inner world affects their outer world and self govern their tendencies. Transcending the hypnosis of the conditioned mind gives rise to an awakened minds

Let driven by passion and purpose, which naturally generates the by-product of happiness.

Linda shared her insights and experience in how to develop progressive, high-performance organisations by cultivating a conscious culture inspired by community, communication and cooperation.

Self Mastery Tips and Techniques – Workshop

Through the cultivation of personal power the focus of attention shifts from head (defensive) to heart (co-operative) and people naturally become more open and empathetic to others, enhancing relationships, and leading to greater personal fulfillment and increased productivity.1264678_521927144541971_2015883066_o

In this workshop, Linda continued to open participants to the recognition of their own personal power with experiential exercises that ignited the realization of what is possible when we step beyond the sense of limitation.

ELD Conference – Transcending Limitation through Consciousness

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