Developing Corporate Consciousness Through Self Awareness

This article was published in Best Practice Management March, 2013

Linda V. Fancy, Managing Director of MeManagement, explains that the paradox of profit – like happiness – is that it is best achieved by not aiming directly for it, but by cultivating meaningfuln ess in the process.

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Economic uncertainty has been headlining the media for some time with fears of a downward spiral triggered by corporate greed and over consumerism. Add to that the recent end-of-time prophecy of the Mayan myths of 2012, and we see an escalation of stress, depression and related health issues.

Doomsday theories have been stirring humanity since the beginning of time, yet for some they serve as a catalyst towards deeper reflection, questioning values and sense of purpose, and strengthening the quest for greater happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Along side this undercurrent of insecurity is a seismic shift in awareness in the corporate mainstream signifying a convergence towards conscious capitalism that may be rooted in reckoning.

To be conscious means to be awake and aware of inner and outer worlds. A conscious business is progressive in its vision, is innovative in its attitude, and is malleable in its approach to meet the movements of the market.

Conscious businesses cultivate a culture of respect, integrity and solidarity in the workplace. They are founded on purposeful and sustainable practices that inspire passion and dedication in the employees, positively impacting the wellbeing and prosperity of the stakeholders and the global community.

Increasingly leaders are embracing the realization that conscious, purposedriven companies create far greater shareholder value than companies that focus on a linear route to profitability. Having a deeper, more transcendent purpose creates the by-product of happiness and is highly energizing for all the stakeholders. Like happiness, the paradox of profits is that they are best achieved by not aiming directly for them, but by cultivating meaningfulness in the process. Cultivating a conscious company means putting people, purpose and passion before profit and for that, people need enhanced awareness.


It was the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee, who said: “as you think so you become” which implies the importance of becoming aware of your inner world and thinking patterns in order to create better outcomes. Conscious leaders 

recognize how the inner world affects the outer world and invest in development on both levels. They empower employees to become conscious of their inner world through self-awareness and harness their energy in the outer world through self-management. They recognize the unique qualities of the individual and cultivate the richness in their diverse nature, which inspires innovation. They promote a sense of purpose and passion which breed’s dedication and vitality in business, and they cultivate teamwork by nurturing unity through diversity, and in developing, what we call, the three Cs – community, communication and collaboration.

Nurturing self-awareness in individuals gives them the confidence to move beyond a fixed mindset – of playing it safe by working within familiar boundaries – to a growth mindset – of being inspired to take on challenges. Fostering self-awareness gives them the power to recognize their mindset tendencies so they can make conscious choices in managing their attitude.

To be conscious means to be aware of your moods and motives, and that of others, and to recognize the hidden emotional obstacles that may be holding you back. Everybody has an ego with its associated insecurities, and when it arises you’ve got to have enough awareness to recognize when it gets in the way of the bigger goal.


According to Steve Jobs: “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This was testament to a man who had a great sense of purpose and values, which led him to accomplish great feats as inventor, innovator and cofounder of

Apple Inc. Purpose creates the platform that aligns people and ignites the passion that drives the motivation and dedication towards the business. Purpose can shine in people’s hearts in different ways. For some it is to feel good about what they do and make a difference in the world, whereas to others it is a sense of belonging and contributing to the growth of the organization.

Purpose is deeply rooted in values and conscious leaders embrace economic values with social and environmental awareness of how the they impact the world. Self-awareness merges the mind with the heart and awakens the spirit of goodwill to go beyond fear and limitation to live in integrity and congruency with what really matters. Conscious businesses go beyond self-fulfillment with heartfelt integrity to contribute to the continued betterment of the world and by leaving a legacy for the next generation.


Passion can be a double-edged sword as nurturing passion can generate dedication, elevate performance and lead to greater fulfillment. However people can also become overly passionate when they identify personally with an issue and then struggle with the resulting emotions. Emotional mastery is an important developmental component of conscious leaders. People with a developed sense of self-awareness can watch their mind-flow, recognize their habits, and see their tendencies towards a particular mindset. With awareness comes the headspace to choose your response by dis-identifying from the agitation of surfacing emotions rather than being consumed by them. When emotions are aligned and balanced people have the power to act skillfully and diffuse potentially dynamic situations.

The MeManagement Approach to Consciousness TrainingMeManagement Goleman 5 steps

MeManagement helps people recognise their mindsets of constraint and empowers them with a protocol to ascend the ladder to personal power and professional fulfillment while achieving specific corporate mindset training objectives. The protocol combines the sharing of out-of-the-box concepts to create a shift in perception, and the application of tools from modern mind methodologies to generate change through first-hand experience.

The Journey to Personal Power and Beyond

Studies have shown that the main obstacle to personal power is lack of emotional control. If a person’s sense of power comes from their ability to command on others, their power will be fickle and not sustainable as relationships waver. True power resonates from within and is that which others are drawn towards and aspire to, invoking a natural respect for the person.chart2


Personal Power begins with knowing thyself. In today’s commercial world we are constantly bombarded with the value judgments of others and carry with us a lifetime of perceived limitation that hinders our personal and professional effectiveness. The MeManagement protocol enables people to accurately perceive their emotions and stay aware of their tendencies with a sense of disassociation.


Science has shown that up to 95% of the time we are automatic in our reactions, responding from the unconscious conditioned state. Through the power of self-awareness, people have the ability to see their tendencies and selfmanage their emotional reactions to people and situations while remaining flexible, and positively directing their behaviour.

Social Awareness

As they become stabilized in their self-awareness, people naturally become more astute in their awareness of the emotions in other people. They become more sensitive to the feelings of others and recognise their underlying meanings and motivations.

Relationship Management

Self-awareness empowers people with the ability to perceive the big picture and become more objective in their interactions with others. Awareness of their emotions and those of others enhances their communication skills and handling of conflict.

Personal Power

When stabilized in a sense of personal intimacy, at this level of power the mind is aligned with the heart in objectivity and co-operation, and nothing is taken personally. Communication with others is respectful, and resolutions are found through empathetic and rational discussions. The fully integrated self easily synchronizes with colleagues and clients in a natural flow where values are aligned and productivity is heightened.


Leaving a legacy for the next generation is paramount to the growth and continuity of any conscious business and an important component that contributes to the sense of purpose for any conscious professional. A heightened state of Personal Power is the foundation of development before transcending the self. At this level, professionals are highly experienced in their area of specialization and operate with intuitive awareness, insight and discrimination, readily sharing their wisdom to the benefit of others.

MeManagement Corporate Consciousness Training Case Study

MeManagement conducted a “Synchronised for Success” communication enhancement programme with a multinational corporation faced with communication challenges particularly between cultures resulting in conflict and stress.

Key findings:

  • Through self-awareness employees understood the complexity of the conditioned mind, and cultural differences were identified as only part of the communication challenge and not blamed as the sole issue
  • Through the development of self-management, individuals were able to self manage their mindset tendencies and not take things personally.
  • They also identified how assumptions and expectations played a significant role in miscommunication
  • Through the development of social awareness employees became more attuned to the feelings and motivations of others
  • Through the development of relationship awareness employees were able to bridge more effectively in their communication and dilute the tension behind conflicting issues

About MeManagement

MeManagement is a mindset development organisation that helps people conquer self-imposed limitations in order to reach their full potential. It is our mission to cultivate the goodness and greatness in people and organizations through the consciousness training and development of leaders and teams. For more information visit our website:

About Linda V. Fancy

Linda Fancy is the founder of MeManagement and has extensive experience working as a crisis management specialist, mental freedom facilitator, personal coach and certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Her experience in soft skills development and her tenure with an international risk and crisis management firm gave her valuable experience as a corporate trainer in crisis leadership, self-management, and stress support services.

Linda developed the MeManagement protocol while working with relief workers in Sri Lanka following the Asian tsunami. Her work involved providing the workers with self-management tools and techniques to prevent personal identification and conditioning getting in the way of their professional consultation in such traumatic conditions.

Linda offers one-to-one coaching as well as group corporate and public training sessions.
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