Meditation Replaces Loneliness with Bliss

It is said that “Two wounds together cannot help each other to be healed.” There are many people in this world who feel lonely and through their conditioning, they have come to believe that their fulfillment lies in the hands of another who will make them happy. They feel that they are half a person looking for completion in finding their other half. This may be so for three days, or three months, or even three years of the honeymoon period, but self transcendence is a personal journey. It cannot be found through another but only in coming to peace within oneself.

Meditation brings you to that peace as all sense of loneliness falls away and reveals your inner bliss. Much like through music and dance, as you relax into the moment and all your thoughts drop away, your heart opens and the bliss of being pours in. Meditation is that space between thoughts that reveals your tremendous self love that overflows with joy and abundance. The self love that knows no loneliness or limitations. The love that is an endless well spring of giving and sharing.

“Meditation is the centre, love is the circumference of it. Meditation is the flame, love is the radiation of it. Meditation is the flower, love is the fragrance of it.”

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