Corporate training methodology

Studies have shown that the main obstacle to personal power is lack of emotional control. True power resonates from a sense of personal balance and is that which others are drawn towards and aspire to, invoking a natural respect for the person.

MeManagement workshops and programmes are based on establishing personal power through the development of a heightened state of awareness that enables people to engage in an experience without becoming caught up in it.

People are empowered with tools to understand and manage their emotional reactions so they have more choice in how they respond in relationships and can regain composure in uncomfortable situations.

The MeManagement Protocol

The MeManagement protocol combines the sharing of out-of-the-box concepts to create a shift in perception, and the application of tools from modern mind methodologies designed to generate change through first hand experience.

Personal Power StepsPersonal power is the byproduct of emotional intelligence which  comprises five main competencies: self awareness and self management, empathy and social skills management – plus motivation.*

Through the cultivation of personal power the focus of attention shifts from head (defensive) to heart (co-operative) and people naturally become more open and empathetic to others, enhancing relationships, and leading to greater personal fulfillment and increased productivity.

* as prescribed by Daniel Goleman, the recognised leader in the development of the concept.

Steps to Attaining Personal Power and Beyond

  1. Self-Awareness – Personal Power begins with knowing thyself.  In today’s commercial world we are constantly bombarded with the value judgments of others and carry with us a lifetime of perceived limitation that hinders our personal and professional effectiveness.  The MeManagement protocol enables you to accurately perceive your emotions and stay aware of them with a sense of disassociation.
  2. Self-Management – Science has shown that up to 95% of the time we are automatic in our reactions, responding from the unconscious conditioned state.  Through the power of self-awareness, you have the ability to see your tendencies and self-manage your emotional reactions to people and situations while remaining flexible, and positively directing your behaviour.
  3. Social Awareness – As you become stabilized in your self-awareness, you will naturally become more astute in your awareness of the emotions in other people.  You will be more sensitive to the feelings of others and recognise their underlying meanings and motivations.
  4. Relationship Management – Self-awareness empowers you with the ability to perceive the big picture and become more objective in your interactions with others. Awareness of your emotions and those of others will enhance your communication skills and handling of conflict.
  5. Personal Power – When stabilized in a sense of personal intimacy, at this level of power the mind is aligned with the heart in objectivity and co-operation, and nothing is taken personally.  Communication with others is respectful, and resolutions are found through empathetic and rational discussions.  The fully integrated self easily synchronizes with colleagues and clients in a natural flow where values are aligned and productivity is heightened.
  6. Self-Transcending – Leaving a legacy for the next generation is paramount to the growth and continuity of any business and an important component that contributes to the sense of purpose for any professional.  A heightened state of Personal Power is the foundation of development before transcending the self. At this level, professionals are highly experienced in their area of specialization and operate with intuitive awareness, insight and discernment, readily sharing their wisdom to the benefit of others.

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