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Personal Power Programmes

Build emotional resilience and increase personal effectiveness

Personal Power programmes helps you to overcome stress by monitoring your moods and self-regulating your perspective.  Through recognizing the inner workings of the mind you become aware of the psychological factors that impact your perception and ultimately, your wellbeing.  Illuminating your inner world brings about a great unburdening as you let go of the false ego that needs to be the perfect person and reveal the true tranquil self that surfs the waves rather than being engulfed by them.

Personal Power is a four-week programme of experiential processes, visualisations and exercises that produce profound clarity about your nature and how to live a conscious and fulfilling life. You will develop a heightened state of awareness that changes your relationship with thought as you cultivate the ability to discern and disassociate from redundant inner voices and outmoded belief systems. Through the practice of self-regulation techniques you will develop strategies that enable you to change unwanted behaviour enhancing your personal power to respond to life more effectively.