MeMotions Creative Corporate Wellness Workshop

Twelve women came together at the MeMotions workshop to creatively explore different facets of their personality and reflect on how their feelings impact the way they present themselves socially and professionally. In three and a half hours of experiential activities, a fun and supportive space was created as the women acted out different mindsets and emotions and reflected on how past experience, and beliefs give rise to a sense of limitation.

Linda Fancy from Me Management and Lindsey McAllister from Wise Woman created the Me Motions workshop with the intention of helping professionals build objective awareness of their moods to enhance personal control and integrity, and improve communication in dynamic situations.

“Its an inspiring workshop which gives you freedom to express yourself and understand about the habitual thinking patterns which weigh you down.”

“It really is a beautiful way to look at yourself through a lens of an outsider and be more aware of your emotions and how they affect your decisions.”

“From emotions, mindfulness and ‘me time’. I was taken on a journey of creativity and wellness. Exploration of movement, voice, drama role-play, character work and much, much more. I felt compelled and truly motivated”.

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MeMotions Corporate Aims and Objectives

Workshop Aims

Me Motions is a creative corporate wellbeing workshop that aims to empower professionals to be more aware of the impact of their moods so they can be more sensitive and objective in their interactions with others. Participants are inspired to explore and express themselves with lightness and laughter though creative exploration and improvisation which leads to greater self understanding, empathy and bonding.

Core Objectives

To creatively explore facets of your personality and build self-awareness of how your mood impacts your well being.

To build social awareness by cultivating sensitivity towards the feelings and emotions of others.

To recognise simple ways to find balance and transcend mindsets of constraint with enhanced integrity.

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