Multinational workforce learns that self-awareness increases integrity and reduces stress

The Client

The client is a multinational corporation and recognized globally as a key player in the technology and innovation industry working across borders with colleagues and clients around the world as a service provider.

The Challenges

As a technology company working globally, the main challenges are:

  • How to resolve or avoid cultural conflict
  • How to understand people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Work related stress
  • Emotional distress
  • Managing attitude issues and difficult employees
  • Manage difficult conversation, conflict and handle effective communication of bad news
  • Work life balance
  • Achieve goals, being straightforward and transparent in communication
  • Communication skills

The Workshop

The programme was facilitated in two parts with the following specific objectives:

Part one

  • To recognise the power to choose your attitude and have greater control over emotional response
  • To understand the nature of the human condition and generate a foundation of awareness that leads to respect for self and others
  • To learn easy-to-use tools and techniques to regain professional integrity in dynamic situations

Part two:

  • To cultivate a corporate culture of professional integrity based on effective communication, harmonious collaboration, and work life balance
  • To enhance communication with an increased capacity to listen actively and communicate with greater attention and integrity
  • To generate self respect that will inspire setting and maintaining realistic work life balance goals
  • To recognise the diversity of the human nature and cultivate appreciation and tolerance for human differences
  • To inspire respectful and mutual beneficial approaches to problem-solving


Communication Breakdown Creates Stress

Although two key training objectives were identified the primary focus was communication as stress had, in part, escalated due to the breakdown in communication.  As a consequence employees were working longer hours to make amends and carrying the burden of their concerns into their private life.

Self Awareness Cultivates Social Awareness

Many of the attendees entered the workshop making cultural generalisations and blaming societal differences as the obstacle to effective communication.  After comprehending the complex nature of the psychological mind, cultural conditioning was put into perspective and attendees realised that through becoming aware of their own nature they were also able to recognise the motivations of others and manage relationships more effectively.

Shift In Perspective Enhances Personal Power and Effectiveness

Attendees identified triggers toward disempowerment and in what ways they were taking things personally.  Through the application of the MetaMind protocol attendees become more objective in their communication and the development of self-management strategies enabled them to bridge more effectively to different points of view.

Self-Awareness Increases Integrity and Reduces Stress

Through building the foundations of self-awareness, attendees were able to acknowledge their mindset tendencies and the inclination towards perceived limitation.  As they opened to a deeper level of integrity, attendees realized the need to better balance their priorities and take responsibility for managing their stress levels through self-management strategies.

Synchronised for Success

As attendees became empowered with self-awareness, they became clearer on their own values and how to operate with greater professional integrity.  This enabled them to align with specific corporate values and discuss the championing of value-based initiatives within the organisation.


Though the cultivation of self-awareness, attendee’s were empowered with greater self-respect and a renewed sense of lightness and self-confidence.  They developed self-management strategies that enabled them to manage their mindset and operate from a balanced perspective with enhanced personal responsibility towards maintaining work life balance.  Personal insight broke down the perceived issues towards effective communication and they realized that the greatest bridge towards effective collaboration starts with empathy.