Realignment of Values and Emotional Awareness voted HR Talent Development Top Two Trends for 2014

stressed woman using computerIn October 2014 I took part in a meeting of thought leaders in learning solutions and talent development to discuss trends in HR development for 2014. 

Realignment of Values and Emotional Awarenesswere recognised as the leading training trends to address the challenges facing the multicultural melting pot of corporate Asia.

This reflects the growing awareness amongst HR professionals and trainers that the modern-day technology lifestyle is creating a generation of talent that struggles with effective communication and suffers from a lessened sensitivity towards others.

Teams working across borders coming from diverse cultural values daily face the challenge of how to work effectively together from a platform of shared corporate values.  The working environment can be vast; from the production department in China, to the QC department in Hong Kong, to the sales office in California, and lacking in connection and communication effectiveness.  Working long distance with the use of edited-down and abbreviated snappy emails, can lead to messages being misconstrued; implying insult where none was intended, especially if someone is having a bad day.

Without the in-person facial expressions and body language to provide queues, and with the minimum of words to guide us, insensitivity can divide us, as can assumptions and expectations. As emotions arise, so do the challenges as people take things personally and get absorbed in self-defense strategies, losing communication effectiveness in putting their point across.

Corporate values are the thriving heart of an organization and define its culture but unless the core values of employees are aligned with the organization and reinforced within each business unit or remote team, there can be a disconnection and lack of engagement.

The Asian business market has always suffered from a high level of staff turnover and in a recent study it was found that more than 50% of employees said they have different values than their employer.  With the decline in engagement, productivity takes a dive as self-centredness outweighs fairness and concern for others’ welfare. Integrity can be compromised when cutting corners for short-term gratification creating a struggle between doing what’s right for others vs. doing what might most benefit you.

Self-interest may be a principle driver of human behaviour but so is compassion and empathy when it is the life-blood of the organization. Regular training in the realignment of values is essential for talent retention and for reinforcing the cohesion of an organization and its wholesome work ethic, while emotional awareness training is essential for harnessing passion and enhancing communication objectivity.

The MeManagement protocol is an effective tool to help staff understand and step back from their own emotional reactivity and to realign them to a common value base and set of operating standards. We recognise that in order to establish a thriving work environment employees need to be aligned to a common set of priorities and beliefs that resonate in their attitudes and behaviours.  Building emotional resilience in leaders and employees will enable them to practice a higher level of discernment leading to enhanced sensitivity and cooperation.

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When one is able to objectify their inner experience, thoughts and feelings can be managed much like a CEO overseeing the management of his mind of me’s.

Learn more: Linda V. Fancy talks on how to develop emotional resilience through the cultivation of self-awareness in her keynote speech at the ELD conference titled ‘Awakening the Workplace with Personal Power.’ Click to watch the video.