After each workshop, participants have the opportunity to give their feedback, either immediately or at a later date.  The feedback below is very representative of the many positive responses we receive.

Corporate Personal Power Workshop Feedback:

“This training is appropriate for people who are interested to dive deep into self-management techniques and analysis.  The workshop adds a different dimension to corporate thinking.  It really helps provide clarity on some of the demanding situations as we are strongly attached to our actions, emotions and thoughts, and we seldom think from another perspective. The shift in thinking without attaching self to it makes a lot of difference and will help us tackle emotional outbursts.”

“Very excellent and powerful training put in very simple terms.”

“The Disassociation topic will be useful professionally and personally, all the time.”

Understanding on how to apply spiritual practices in corporate life was the most useful part of the programme.”

“Theory and practical sessions are well balanced and it was really helpful for learning power retention and disassociation, from a different perspective.”

“Linda, you were great.  The awakening of inside me, and to identify the real me is the best thing that occurred.”

“The way that Linda was synchronising the content with practical life – balancing work life and personal life – was very useful.”

“This training was very useful to solve problems in our day-to-day life.  Also it helps to change our perception about us and others.”

“I gained confidence to overcome fear, be calm and manage my attitude…  It was just beautiful and a very good experience..”

“Stop giving energy for recurring thoughts was the most useful part of the programme for me.  It gave me an insight to the main belief set which was affecting me.”

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