Public Workshops

MeMotions workshop

“Its an inspiring workshop which gives you freedom to express yourself and understand about the habitual thinking patterns which weigh you down.”

“It really is a beautiful way to look at yourself through a lens of an outsider and be more aware of your emotions and how they affect your decisions.”

“From emotions, mindfulness and ‘me time’. I was taken on a journey of creativity and wellness. Exploration of movement, voice, drama role-play, character work and much, much more. I felt compelled and truly motivated”.

Personal Power workshop Level 2

“Working with Linda made me aware of my repeated self-destructive mind patterns. I learned that thoughts and beliefs completely lose their power once accepted not resisted.  I am now able to deal with daily life challenges by stepping back, observing, and intercepting these patterns with great tools. This is helping me tremendously in coping with daily situations, which I used to believe, are beyond my control, and in managing my reoccurring anxiety attacks, which since Linda’s workshop have actually completely disappeared!”

Personal Power workshop Level 1

“MeManagement has brought many pieces together for me that helped me realize how self created some of my biggest “issues” actually are. Working with Linda made me aware of my repeated – self-destructive – mind patterns and I am now able to step back, observe and intercept these patterns at a point of consciousness. This is helping me tremendously in coping with daily life situations which I used to believe are beyond my control and that I am therefore a “victim of circumstances”.

Victimization and projections are patterns that I can now identify, be aware of and intercept. Linda’s workshop has given me great tools to deal with daily life challenges. The beautiful meditations on self-inquiry she taught us are giving me a powerful  way of coming back to my inner core and to simply be – and to feeling  blissful in “nothingness” !

I am no longer afraid of the void, the absence of ego – in fact there is so much beauty in this emptiness, aloneness – nothing feels more full in fact. I learned that it´s  about acceptance and surrender, that thoughts and beliefs completely lose their power once accepted not resisted. Linda taught me that I am NOT my mind, that there is in fact no “I” and therefore it´s all beliefs. This helps me so much in managing my re-occuring anxiety attacks which since Linda’s workshop have actually completely disappeared ! My life just feels so much more relaxed now. I can truly recommend this workshop to everyone ready to drop the unnecessary baggage and return to a blissful state of being. – Wera Hack

“Yesterday I did a me management course run by Linda V. Fancy from a neighbor’s recommendation. Thinking that what can be new? It surprised me how much already I can stop my mind go looping on a negative thought by seeing the absurdity of life. Why waste my energy!” – Sui.Ming Chu.

“I feel more confident knowing the noise I hear is just a story from learned behaviour.  I no longer need to feel attachment or association and feel I have the tools now to take my life to the next level.” CC.- Secretary  

“I have some great tools to help myself and to share with others.  I have homework!” C.A. -therapist

“Excellent content.  Goes to the heart and soul of the human condition.”C.J. – small business owner.

“Since the workshop I have been letting go of judgmental views of ‘me’s’ of the past… my choices, experiences, emotions that were seemingly outside my control…  There is the realisation that I can choose to be whichever form of me I want at any point in life… and for that I am thankful!” T.N. – artist

“From the start of the workshop I saw immediately why I act and think the way I do. Working through the program opened a good insight into who I am and how to adjust my thoughts.  This has helped me to get more from life.  It also helped me to gain energy by letting needless thoughts go.“  N.H. -pilot

“This was a really well thought out and managed programme, I gained valuable insights to the roots of some of my behavioural patterns and conditioned emotional responses. It has given me good food for thought as well as some really good tips for how I manage myself and maintain more emotional balance“ C.D. -therapist

“You have hit the nail on the head, giving me amazing insights into my condition, and putting a whole new perspective on things.“ S.V. -editor

“This is a very practical hands-on workshop.  Very useful for difficult corporate situations where individuals feel stuck.  Highly recommend to conflict situations.“C.C. -managing director

“The workshop offered so much insight about myself and I am amazed how useful and effective it is in my daily life. It has given me a positive perspective on many levels.  I feel much lighter and freer as I now know how to see the world with a brand-new pair of eyes!” K.M – small business owner

“Personal Power is no longer a goal.  It is achievable – the power is all mine.” T.O. – mother

“Seven hours well spent!  Self directed personal reflection and easily applied techniques to help increase personal power.” T.N. – small business owner