Coaching and Mentoring

Self-mastery is your ability to self-direct your attitude and responses to life so that you have a more productive, harmonious, and fulfilling life.  Basic Self Mastery Coaching and Emotional Release Coaching are session packages that address the real issues and specific needs of the participant.  The Me Mastery Mentoring programme is however based on developing the whole person built on a climate of trust and is uniquely tailored to the individual and is quoted separately.

In-Person Coaching Packages:

Nine hours of in-person coaching in your office, my office or a selected quiet café.  Flexibility in the duration and frequency of sessions over a 10-month period.

Basic Self Mastery Coaching provides insights on how your mind works to produce certain thoughts and emotional reactions and specific exercises to change sabotaging dynamics. You will learn to identify false beliefs that negative thoughts and emotions arise from. There are also specific exercises to assist in changing perspective, emotional reactions, thoughts, and external behaviors.

Emotional Release Coaching is specific to harnessing and releasing emotional energy blocks.  Much of the Self Mastery work addresses the beliefs that generate many of our emotions but the ER session gives you additional practical tools that you can use everyday to shift your mindset and work through emotions directly.

The various Self Mastery exercises are complimentary and build on each other. As you practice them you develop awareness and skills to:

  • Stop your emotional reactions
  • Control the thoughts in your mind
  • Identify and change core beliefs behind your thoughts and emotions
  • Shift your point of view to see your self and others differently
  • Dissolve the voice in your head that is critical of your self and others
  • Develop respect for your self and for other people
  • Gain control over your attention so you can focus on creating love and happiness in your life, and in your relationships

Whether your specific issue is insecurity, fear of public speaking, jealousy, anger, controlling behavior, or something else, it is founded in your core beliefs.  Once you develop your awareness and the skills to change your core beliefs, then changing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in any area becomes possible.

Me Mastery Mentoring helps you to improve your effectiveness in the world by dissolving your disabilities and opening you to new possibilities beyond what you previously mistook to be personal limitation.  You will be happy, satisfied and fulfilled with greater confidence and self-esteem as you gain a new level of personal power and professional effectiveness.

  • Master and lead yourself so that you can effectively lead others
  • Enhance intrapersonal intelligence through the understanding of oneself to appreciate one’s feelings, fears and motivations
  • Enhance interpersonal intelligence by becoming more sensitive to the intentions, motivations and desires of other people
  • Enhance self awareness as the vital component of emotional intelligence

Develop greater authenticity, integrity, congruency and purposefulness