MeManagement custom workshops are customised to meet each company’s corporate objectives and vision.

Workshops are filled with interactive activities where participants gain valuable insights into their own nature, patterns of limitation, and the trigger points that cause them to react in a way that they cannot control. Through easy-to-use tools and techniques, participants learn how to harness their power more effectively to retain composure in any situation.

Two popular workshop programmes:


Communicating for Productivity Programmes

In the workplace, we seek passionate dedication from employees to do their job well, but passion can also get in the way of an objective response to a situation, creating animosity and a loss in productivity.  The Communicating for Productivity programme:

Increases synergy and satisfaction, and therefore employee retention
Increases efficiency and productivity, and therefore profitability

Who can benefit?

      • Any employees dealing with cross-cultural issues.
      • Frontline staff dealing with customers.
      • Staff dealing with the media or a large audience.
      • HR and functional staff assigned to retrenchment.
      • Senior management in dealing with subordinates (or vice versa).

By the end of the workshops, attendees will be:

      • self-empowered to handle problems while retaining composure and personal power
      • enabled to work effectively in teams
      • at ease with cross-cultural communications in their job
      • more confident with increased accountability and response-ability
      • aligned with corporate values and inspired to champion initiatives

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Consciousness Development Programmes

Conscious companies recognize how the inner world affects the outer world and invest in the development of their people on both levels.  Consciousness comes in progressive stages and MeManagement workshops work with a company to lead staff and management through the stages from Basic Training –  soft skills and corporate culture etiquette –  to Intermediate Consciousness  – attitude calibration and corporate values alignment –  to Advanced Consciousness Development – self mastery coaching and mentoring – usually more suitable for high-level executives whose role is to inspire and energise, while retaining corporate integrity.

Benefits of the programmes

Consciousness Development cultivates within employees:

      • A growth mindset that is open to new perspectives, even if it challenges their belief system.
      • Self aware of how thoughts create reality and the recognition of how belief systems are rooted in conditioned thinking.
      • Awareness of thoughts and the ability to disassociate from limited thinking.
      • Recognition and trust in their intuition.
      • Aligned corporate vision and values embodied through their dedication and integrity.
      • Passion and purpose motivated by their contribution to the organisation and community at large.

Consciousness Development cultivates within team-players:

      • —Awareness to make transparent expectations and assumptions of others.
      • Good listening skills and respect for the opinion of others.
      • —Value of each person’s unique attributes and their contribution as a vital component to the team.
      • —Motivation to align their efforts in synchronisation and flow
      • The ability to communicate with respect and empathy.

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Contact us today to arrange a full presentation where you can preview the tools and techniques used in the workshops. We can also discuss how the MeManagement Protocol can meet your company’s corporate culture and communications objectives.