Personal Power (aka Power Manage Yourself) programmes help you to realise your power of presence by distinguishing between your mental conditioning and your innate, mindful, peaceful self.  Mind mapping models build a foundation of insight about the nature of you psychological self and self-regulation techniques enable you to disengage from distorted thoughts and self-sabotaging beliefs.

The capacity for self-awareness requires recognition of the ability to function as the detached internal observer, much like overseeing the management of many selves – the different me’s, or internal voices. As participants identify as the observer, a sense of distancing from these voices becomes apparent, diluting emotional strongholds and increasing intuitive response.

Self Management

MeManagement works with disassociation techniques as a powerful means to lessen the pull of emotional response, shifting the focus from engaging in compelling feelings to observing the coming and going of emotions from a detached third person perspective.  This state of meta-awareness, of seeing that one is having an experience but is not caught up in the experience, increasingly becomes the attention, alleviating identification with the subject matter, and stabile izing in a sense of neutral focusing.

Self-Management techniques are your stabilisation tools that enable you to

  • Be free of your mental conditioning as you move from head to heart
  • Respond to life with unconditional presence
  • Attune to your intuitive wisdom
  • Be attuned and synchronized with your inner knowing and intuition

Balanced in the Self

As self-awareness develops, the attention increasingly stabilizes in a detached observing state, disassociated from the fluctuations of the mind, responding spontaneously and professionally with greater focus on the situation at hand. The mind is then firmly operating as a means to analyse data from a rational and balanced perspective rather than emotional, which increases the capacity to listen actively, communicate effectively and make clear decisions.

Personal Power Programmes at the YWCA, MacDonnell Road, Midlevels.

Build emotional resilience and increase personal effectiveness

Every Tuesday morning: 9:30am to 12:00 noon commencing February 23 to March 15, 2016. Free introduction: Tuesday February 16 from 09:30 to 10:30am

Every Thursday evening: 7:00 to 9:30pm commencing February 25 to March 17, 2016. Free Introduction: Thursday February 18 from 7:00 to 8:00pm

Faced with all the demands of raising a family can rob you of your serenity and test your sanity.  Being the best mother you can be is a constant re-evaluation, but sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, especially when our child doesn’t fit with textbook expectations. In motherhood we need all the power we can muster and giving to ourselves is an important step so that we can give our best to our children.

The Personal Power programme helps you to overcome stress by monitoring your moods and self-regulating your perspective.  Through recognizing the inner workings of the mind you become aware of the psychological factors that impact your perception and ultimately, your wellbeing.  Illuminating your inner world brings about a great unburdening as you let go of the false ego that needs to be the perfect person and reveal the true tranquil self that surfs the waves rather than being engulfed by them.

Personal Power is a four-week programme of experiential processes, visualisations and exercises that produce profound clarity about your nature and how to live a conscious and fulfilling life. You will develop a heightened state of awareness that changes your relationship with thought as you cultivate the ability to discern and disassociate from redundant inner voices and outmoded belief systems. Through the practice of self-regulation techniques you will develop strategies that enable you to change unwanted behaviour enhancing your personal power to respond to life more effectively.

“Linda’s approach was very clear and simple. I followed her formula and it really helped me in terms of reducing stress and to get out of my head. She’s a very patient and compassionate listener as well as a vibrant facilitator.”

 Power Manage Yourself Programme:  Levels 1 and 2 at Balance Health, HK

Self Awareness for Success in Life and Career (Dates for 2016 to be confirmed)

Are you tired of mood swings that hinder your relationships?

Does inner conflict and taking things personally hold you back professionally?

Self Mastery over habitual responses is key to leading a harmonious and happy life.  By cultivating awareness of your inner world you build the capacity to harness your attention and practice greater discernment over attitude and action.

The Power Manage Yourself workshop gives you insight to recognize mindset patterns of limitation, and easy-to-use self-management techniques to manage your state and channel your focus to a lighter and more positive perspective.

You will personally gain:

  • Inner recognition of automatic reactions as they arise
  • Practical self regulation techniques to objectify thought and manage behavior
  • Enhanced self confidence and positivity with reduced attachment to limitation

A newfound awareness that develops mindfulness and cultivates trust and personal courage to live the life you dream