Where do you turn for help?

Seeing with Fresh Eyes

The optical illusion of the Kanizsa triangle

We can try to find solutions to our problems by seeking advice from others or getting inspiration from a book, yet, according to Carl Yung, founder of analytical psychology: “All the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insolvable. They can only be outgrown with a new and stronger life urge.”

This stronger life urge comes from getting out of your head and seeing how life is supporting you. The real problem lies in a mindset that creates disturbance. On the other hand, imagine if every time a challenging situation arose you had the courage, the trust, and the belief that life naturally finds its own balance. If you manage your projections and disassociate from your fears, you will see life as fresh, and unfolding in better ways than you could have imagined.

“When we are clear in heart and mind — only then shall we find courage to surmount the fear which haunts our world.”  Albert Einstein

Don’t carry the template of limitation in your mind as it pollutes your seeing.  Cultivate self-awareness so you can dis-identify from old patterns and be born with new vision and vitality.  The freedom is in the seeing!

  • Many  problems come from fear-based mindsets
  • Learn to stand back and see your fears with fresh eyes
  • Do not limit the vision of your life with false fears
  • With a newfound courage, your life will unfold in ways you cannot imagine.

With the use of simple tools and disassociation techniques, the MeManagement Personal Power Workshop helps people understand the foundations of their behaviour; allows them to cultivate self awareness; develop self-management strategies and learn tools and techniques to regain balance.